HoL à ACM 2020

Le projet HoL sur la plate-forme EMAN sera évoqué dans la communication d’Alessio Antonini Francesca Benatti Sally Blackburn-Daniels lors de la conférence internationale 30th ACM Hypertext conference on Hypertext and Social Media en Allemagne

Sally Blackburn-Daniels of the IVLS, along with her colleagues from the Open University READ-IT project Alessio Antonini and Francesca Benatti, have produced the paper ‘On Links To Be: Exercises in Style #2‘. The paper bridges the perspective of scholarly editions and authorial technologies by providing a new perspective on marginalia: as links to the future works of authors and a semantic of marginalia informing the development of a new generation of reading/authoring tools, in collaboration with the Holographic Vernon Lee project. The team presented their paper at the 31st edition of the ACM HyperText conference (14 July 2020), and were awarded the Douglas Engelbert Best Paper Award.

Title : On Links To Be: Exercises in Style #2

Authors:  Alessio Antonini Francesca Benatti Sally Blackburn-Daniels

Scheduled: 2020-07-13

Abstract:  This contribution extends the discussion of the types and uses of links bootstrapped by Mason and Bernstein\’s “On Links: Exercises in Style”, focusing on how authors use marginalia and annotations as links to the future. We argue that the development of a common semantics of “links to be” is needed in order to systematise individual authorial practices, provide greater interpretive understanding for readers and enable the development of new tools. We present examples on different types of annotations from the Holographic Vernon Lee project and provide our own exercises to formulate a preliminary framework of links to be.

DOI Link: https://doi.org/10.1145/3372923.3404785

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